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Frequently Asked Questions

Tone Locksmiths of Lambeth are proud of the high-quality locksmith service we provide to home and business owners all around London. As part of our service, we would like to share with you some of the questions we were asked during our years in the lock and key industry. If you feel that you still can't find the answer you were looking for you are more than welcome to contact us on 020 8150 6528.

When do I need a locksmith?

It may sound like a naive question, but each and every locksmith can tell you at least one story about a client who tried to avoid the "unnecessary" the expense of calling a locksmith when he was locked out or had a jammed lock. No one is born a locksmith, it's a skill you have to learn (most of you had probably heard of locksmith courses) and practice. If it's your first encounter with a locking system, do yourself a favour and don't try to open the lock by yourself. If it's a high-security lock you won't be able to open it anyway, and if you break it in the process, you will have to pay for a new lock in addition to the locksmith's labour costs. Buy cheap buy twice!

I lost my keys on a night out in Brixton, do I need to change my locks?

A trustworthy security expert will advise you not to change your locks but to re-key them. There is no need for a new lock, your old lock can be "reprogrammed" to fit a new key. The old key will not be able to open you lock anymore.

I own a business in Lambeth and recently I had to fire 2 of my employees. Should I change the locks?

If you're asking such a question you must be afraid of the grudge your ex-employees are holding against you or your company. In this case it's indeed advisable to change the locks or the locking system code, if you have a digital code lock. Protecting your assets and intellectual property is your top priority as a business owner. In the future you may be interested in adding a master key system which enables you to control who can copy and have access to keys in your business.

We are moving into a new home in West Norwood and the locks appear to be good quality and working properly. Can we keep them?

Definitely. A high-security lock is not cheap and if the mechanism is working properly, keep the locks. But don't forget to call a local locksmith in Lambeth to re-key it. You can't be 100% sure that the previous owner gave you all the keys to the house. How about the keys he gave the gardener 3 years ago, or the keys his cleaning lady had? A simple re-keying job will make your home a safer place.

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